14.Feb.2013 How to play virtual skipper 5

Virtual Skipper 5 or 32nd America’s Cup is the latest version of the highly acclaimed game. It has features that make it a really unique playing experience. It certainly lives up to the claim of being the best sailing game ever.

One of the best features of the game which makes it standout is the amazing graphics that they have for it. The sea has been rendered as realistically as possible, with each wave crashing to the boat like a real one. You can also choose the boat that you want with all of the best sailing boats available. The game coms with 14 of the best water courses in the world from which you can take your pick. What is even better is that with the built-in editor you can make changes with the course or the boat of your choice.

virtual skipper

How to Play Virtual Skipper 5

The game has been hailed as the best sailing game ever with good reason.  Players who have experience and knowledge in sailing are able to appreciate the game.

The player could choose the type of boat that he would like to use on the game. The classes of boat that they use include the International America’s Cup Class, Trimaran Open 60, Melges 24 and the Offshore Racer. Then he can pick the course that he would like to race on. As mentioned, there are 14 courses that are available in the game. These are the top courses in the world from Rio all the way down to Auckland. If the player would like to be a bit more creative, he can make changes with the course and the boat using the editor that comes with the game. Using that editor he can customize both the boat and the water course that would be used. There are also some other classes that are available from other sources as add-ons.

The game can be played as a single player mode and multiplayer. Under the single player one can choose match racing or fleet racing. When on the multi-player both of those options are available as well as team racing.

If you are not familiar with sailing, then you should use the tutorial mode which is a walk-through not just with how the game would be played but how sailing is actually done. That would give you a better perspective on how you can enjoy the game which has been making waves.



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